Friday, March 4, 2016

FOMO, Bad for Our Society
By:Alex Blum
You're scrolling through Instagram and you find a photo of your friends without you, then you feel  uneasy and depressed. This feeling is called FOMO, the fear of missing out. You feel this way because you want to be there in that photo not by yourself. Some people say FOMO is a good thing because it can be used as a motivator (Allan). FOMO has a negative effect on teens and young adult because they are depressed and always on social media.

FOMO causes depression on teens and young adults. Teens feel depressed from missing out. The National Stress and Well-being organization in Australia took a survey in 2015, that showed higher levels of stress and depression than any other year! This survey also showed that every one of two teens feel like they are sometimes missing out (Allan). Teens now need therapy to help their depression. Again, social media has caused many problems in depression and anxiety. It has gotten so bad that they have created a therapy program that can help your fear of missing out, FOMO (Castillo).

FOMO causes teens to always be on social media, some being Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Teens care too much about social media. A study conducted by Dr. Heather Cleland Woods and Holly Scott had 467 students age 11 to 17 about their social media use and well-being. This study showed that the teens that cared more about social media had low self-esteem, low sleep quality, and even depression (Chang). Teens can’t get work done when worrying about social media. They have also found that social media has become addictive to some teens. When taking away all social media, as done in one test they found teens can be more productive. This shows that teens use way too much social media, which is creating the problem of FOMO (FOMO: How the Fear of Missing Out Drives Social Media Addiction).

This graph shows the different percents of things that cause FOMO for teens, this data is from the National Stress and Wellbeing organization in Australia. This survey was done in 2015 with percents higher than the last five years! These percents are very high and need to be brought back down if we want a no FOMO world.

Some people say FOMO can help you get out more and meet new people (Allan). Teen’s are getting depressed from social media and the things that are put on their, this has caused the issue of FOMO. To stop FOMO we need to cut down on our social media use and how we use it, instead go meet new people and make a change in the world.