Tuesday, January 19, 2016


When I get money from my parents or from anyone for that matter it immediately goes into the bank not to come out until I buy a car. So let’s say my mom gives me ten dollars for my allowance for this week, then it will go straight into the bank the next day it’s open. Everything I get goes into the bank, so you might wonder how I get anything that costs money or how I get to go out with my friends. What I do is kind of like having two banks, one for my money, and the other is my mom and dad’s money. So whenever I need some money to go eat I just ask my mom and she’ll give it to me. It's just that simple I don't know why other kids don't do this. After using the money from my mom I get to keep the change, so I have a pretty good stash of change. If i’m lucky and my mom forgets about it then I get to keep all the money from whatever I spent it on. One time I was with my friends and I didn’t spend a dollar but my mom gave me twenty. You probably know what I did with that money, I kept all twenty of it, it seems kind of evil but it’s just plain genius. That's just the way that I am, I love money and if I get it, I keep it and don't spend it. In conclusion, I really like money and I'm just not going to spend it unless I have to.

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