Monday, January 11, 2016


My thoughts on the 24 hours of collecting all of our trash was good and bad. When the idea was put out it sounded fun and exciting for me and many others. Once we got the trash bags and actually started the project it wasn’t as fun anymore. When I got out of class it was only me and about fifty other people keeping trash out of hundreds of kids, so it was a little weird. The good thing was most people knew what we were doing so not everybody had to ask when they walked bye. While in school I didn’t have that much trash so it wasn’t a lot to carry around. Once school was out I looked to see how much trash I had, and it was only a few small pieces of trash. When I got home it was really hard to remember to keep my own trash. During dinner and after dinner it was a little weird having to put all my trash in the bag. I ate most my food, so my bag didn't start stinking later on in the day. After dinner I checked my bag again, but thins time it was almost halfway full. The bags were really thin so by the end of the day I had one or two small holes. When I got up the next morning and thought about having to go to school with all that trash, it just seemed weird. So I got ready and ate my breakfast but I only produced a little trash then. When I got on the bus everyone was asking me why I had a trash bag, so I told them but the questions were not as bad a I thought they would be. Once at school all the kids on my team had bags of trash and about the same amount of trash as me, so it didn't feel that weird. When third hour came and I had Language Arts I was relieved, I could stop carrying the trash. So we dumped it out and saw how much trash everyone had produced, and it was a lot. I learned that just in one day everyone produces lots of trash, but there's a way to stop this. Everyone needs to live by this rule Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

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